Asset Consignment / Liquidation Services

  Excess Office Furniture/Equipment  
  Recovery of cash values  
  Warehouse Storage of assets  
  Downsizing Operations  
  Our Services Offered:   
  Our Specialties:  
- Large Quantities  A minimum of a truckload, up to thousands of Cubicles, Casegoods, Filing & Seating.  
- Major Brands (Brands like Haworth(R), Herman Miller(R),Steelcase(R), and Knoll(R)    
- Custom Furniture Items  
- Mobile / High Density Filing Systems  
  Required Info:  
- Inventory of furniture (Quantities, sizes)  
- Manufacturer & Model (Furniture maker/Dates, Model numbers, Powered product?)  
- Photos (Digital photos e-mailed)  
- Location of furniture (Where is the furniture & what are the site conditions) Docks/hours for removal/elevator availability?)  
- Time frame (Beginning date / ending date for removal)  
- Drawings (Floor plans of existing site?)